Family Office Services


Our solicitors are able to certify documents in English and Russian languages. If you need to certify a copy of a document as a true and accurate copy of the original, you will need to bring the original. We can make a copy at our office for your convenience. If you need a solicitor to certify your signature on a document, you will need to bring two forms of identification stating your full name, including one that has your photo. Our solicitor will confirm in writing that he or she checked your identity and witnessed you signing the document.


Legalisation makes documents suitable for use outside the United Kingdom. Legalisation shows that:

  • the document was issued by a competent and expert authority
  • the signature, seal and/or stamp on the document are genuine
  • the document’s format is correct

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the competent legalisation office in the United Kingdom, has on record signatures of our solicitors. When they receive documents from us, which were certified by our solicitors, they are able to confirm that signatures are genuine and our solicitors have required qualifications to certify documents, by attaching an apostille certificate to the documents. We are also registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as business client, which allows us to offer you the Same Day premium service in case of urgency.


We provide translation services from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Whether you need to translate a document or require a translator to attend a meeting, one of our specialists will be able to assist you. Some of our solicitors are bilingual, who will be able to assist with legal matters, meetings and negotiations. All written translations are certified by qualified professionals as accurate by signature and an official company stamp.