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Advice to Russian nationals and families moving to London

Advice to Russian nationals and families moving to London



Advice to Russian nationals and families moving to London

The article was published on Relocate Global, 27 November 2012red square london home

There is growing demand for Russian-speaking professionals in the UK, either with prominent Russian companies or in one of the many departments and desks created to service the increasing number of Russian clients dealing with City institutions.

‘Family office’ Red Square London specialises in the relocation of Russian business people and their families to the UK.

Director and co-founder of Red Square London Tatiana Nevard says, “The demand for Russian-speaking professionals has never been higher. This is leading to new challenges in relocating executives, and frequently their families, into the UK, primarily London.”

Apart from visas, property, banking and education are the chief priorities for most Russian people coming to live in the UK.

Red Square London’s top 10 tips for Russian families relocating to London are:

1.    Obtain the appropriate visas

2.    Choose a family office in the UK, and do this before leaving Russia. The transition will be difficult, and family-office consultants will be able to help with advice and support on all relevant issues

3.    Register children with chosen schools. This process should be undertaken in very good time, if possible before arrival. It will be difficult with state schools, as they require proof of address

4.    If education is more important than geographical area, choose a school first, then choose a house in a ‘catchment’ area, or, in the case of a private school, within a reasonable travelling distance. Bear in mind that even short distances can have long journey times in London

5.    Rent or buy? Consider renting first, to get to know the area. Is an area with an established Russian community required? If so, this will need to be thoroughly researched. Ask friends already in the UK, or, again, work with a family office, which will have this information

6.    If buying a property, the search and conveyancing process should be started at least four or five months before your arrival

7.    When working in the UK, it is essential to obtain a National Insurance number. This is a form of taxation used by the British Government to pay for pensions and state benefits, and is also used to fund the National Health Service (NHS)

8.    Obtain advice, and understand what tax liabilities will be. Again, family offices are experts in this, and will ensure that money is saved, and time is not wasted

9.    Open a bank account

10. Other common considerations include: mobile-phone provider, buying a car, obtaining a driving licence, getting various insurances, registering with a doctor, getting involved within the local community, and attending church (there are now several churches catering for the Russian community in London).

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