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General election

General election

  • 21/04/2017
  • Answered by Red Square London’s Immigration Specialist, Oliver Westmoreland – Ответил наш Специалист по Иммиграционным Вопросам, Оливер Вестморлэнд
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General election

21 April 2017election

Readers probably cannot help noticing that “election fever” is currently “gripping” the UK yet again, because of the Prime Minister’s “shock announcement” of a vastly premature election on 8 June 2017 – only just over two years since the last one.

It’s all very dramatic.

Everybody (well, almost) knows that the Conservatives are going to win, and that they are likely to substantially increase their current slender majority in the House of Commons. But the Prime Minister Theresa May claims that the reason she is having the early election is to strengthen her hand in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations in Europe, and that it’s nothing to do with the fact that the Conservatives – riding very high in the opinion polls – have a rare opportunity to increase their majority and get probably five more years in power. No, of course it isn’t.

Anyway, where does this leave government immigration policy? It’s difficult to say exactly, but probably in a similar place to where it was before. The Prime Minister is still committed to the legendary commitment to reducing annual net immigration to the UK to the “tens of thousands” – which some experts (including us) say is impossible to achieve in the foreseeable future.

Incidentally, if you want to know if you have the right to vote in the General Election, sadly you will only be able to do so if you hold British citizenship, Irish citizenship or Commonwealth citizenship – a complicated scheme which comes about because of Britain’s colonial history and heritage.

In any event, as they say on the National Lottery: Good luck everyone!


Tier 2 Skilled Worker Rules Changed

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