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Red Square London NOVOSTI January 2017

Red Square London NOVOSTI January 2017



Red Square London NOVOSTI January 2017



Busy old year

2016 was a very eventful year for Red Square London. We moved our offices to central London and expanded both our team and our client base. Our Team worked on a wide variety of projects this year, with a few of the more unusual being purchase of a hotel business, sale of an apartment block (subject to existing tenancies), sale of 100% of share capital of a company owning a restaurant, sale of 5 acres of agricultural land for development, and setting up trust arrangements relating to the clients’ legal and beneficial ownership of real estate. We also assisted clients with their pre- and post-nuptial agreements, personal self-assessments and corporate accounts for HMRC, and setting up their new UK businesses. We wrote a number of articles for various publications, sharing with you our knowledge and experience in Immigration, Corporate and Real Estate matters. You can read all of our articles in the Red Square London’s Media Room Media Room.

New Hire

Our team now includes Oliver Westmoreland, who joined us this month. Oliver has a wealth of experience of immigration matters and is a prolific writer on the intricacies of the subject. His first article for Novosti is in this issue.

On the wider scene the United Kingdom voted for Brexit….


Brexit – Where Does It Leave UK European Migrants?

immigration-novosti-jan-2017-2In June 2016 the British electorate voted for the UK to leave the European Union: “Brexit”, as the media loves to call it. The subject is nothing if not confusing. The previous Government, led by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, decided to give the People the opportunity to vote on the subject, and legislation was passed through Parliament to enable the referendum to take place. Logic might dictate that the result of the referendum should be binding on the Government, ie that if the People voted to remain in the EU then the UK should remain and if they voted to leave then the UK should leave. After all, what would really be the point of the referendum otherwise?



Property Law Updates

  • Draft Finance Bill 2017: do you own your residential property though a company- Annual Tax Rates are increasing


  • Oral agreement to sell a plot of land enforceable (Matchmove Ltd v Dowding [2016] EWCA Civ 1233)



hmrc-tax-return-novosti31 January 2017 (i.e.the end of this month) is the deadline for submission of Self Assessment Tax Returns for personal income earned in the tax year 6 April 2015 to 5 April 2016. It is also the deadline for paying the tax due. The penalty for missing the deadline by up to three months is £100. After that it gets a lot more expensive.

Red Square London can assist by acting as agent for client’s tax affairs. We can calculate and submit tax returns to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for personal tax, corporation tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) as appropriate.


Rigidity of Home Office Decision-Making

article-of-the-month-jan-2017It is a commonplace reality that the Home Office tends to be rigid in its immigration decision-making. The Home Office always has discretion to act more generously then the rules provide but they do not use it very often. And whilst there are provisions in the rules about “evidential flexibility”, experience shows that they are not used very often.united-kingdom-653010_640 Many migrants have fallen foul of Home Office decision-making because of minor or technical errors in their immigration application.

A subject that often arises in this respect is the timing of applications.