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Permanent Residency for EU citizens

Questions & AnswersCategory: ImmigrationPermanent Residency for EU citizens
RSL Law Staff asked 2 years ago

My brother is a national of an EU country. He lived in the UK for almost 5 years and for most of this time he was employed, except for the last 2 months. He left his previous job, and to date haven’t found another job yet. Will this affect his Permanent Residency application?

1 Answers

To be successful when applying for Permanent Residency as a EU national, your brother must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years, and during that time, he must have exercised his Treaty rights. He would have exercised his Treaty rights if he was: (a) working, or (b) looking for job, or (c) living in the UK using his own funds- independent means, (or) was self-employed, managing his own business. If he can show (with evidence) that he was looking for a job, up to the date of his application for Permanent Residency, the Home Office should not reject his application.

Red Square London Staff replied 2 years ago

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