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Property tax refund

Questions & AnswersCategory: PropertyProperty tax refund
RSL Law Staff asked 1 year ago

Good afternoon!

We are living in Bournemouth. We bought a house there but at the time of this property transaction we had a second property in Moscow. We had to pay tax on both properties. After the transaction, we gifted the property to our relative. We have the following question. Can your company prepare a document which would confirm that the Russian property was transferred to another person? We need this for the UK tax authority in order to be able to claim tax refund.

1 Answers
RSL Law Staff answered 1 year ago

Thank you for your question. Could you please clarify whether your property in Moscow was your main home at the time of the property transaction in the UK? Could you please also provide dates as to when you bought the property in England and transferred your property in Moscow? Please send your reply to

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