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Residency after Divorce

Questions & AnswersCategory: ImmigrationResidency after Divorce
RSL Law Staff asked 2 years ago

I am from Ukraine, and married to an Italian national. I have a residency card (granted for 5 years), as a spouse of an EU national. The relationship is not successful, and I wish to divorce him. We have lived together for almost 3 years. He threatens me that if I divorce him, he will annul my Residency Card. Can I divorce him and retain my residency rights?

1 Answers

If you are officially married (for at least 3 years), and you lived with your husband in the UK for at least 1 years before the divorce, you may be able to claim ‘retained rights’ under the EU Law. This means that, even if you divorce him, subject to other conditions being met, you should not lose your residency rights in the UK.

Red Square London Staff replied 2 years ago

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