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Tax return, letting a property in the UK

Questions & AnswersCategory: Accountancy & HMRC ComplianceTax return, letting a property in the UK
RSL Law Staff asked 1 year ago

Good afternoon,
I am a Russian citizen and has never been a resident in the EU or the UK.
I own a studio flat in Edinborough which I rented out in 2016. I would like to submit my tax return but don’t understand which documents I need to fill in and how to submit them. I cannot complete self-assessment form online because I don’t have a National Insurance number, the online system doesn’t allow it. I cannot obtain one either since I am not a UK resident and don’t travel to the UK. The amount that I have earned is tax free and I am aware of the existence of the Double Taxation Convention between Russia and the UK. I am generally not sure whether I would need to pay anything but believe that I should submit my tax return in any case. The question is: how can I do it?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answers

Since you are not living in the UK it is impossible to obtain a National Insurance Number. In order to submit a self-assessment form, you need to be registered with HMRC. You are right, the submission of your tax return is compulsory even if the level of your income is insufficient for tax liability to arise. To register with HMRC you need to provide all required information in relation to your property and rental income. You can do it over the phone: 08450109000. The requirements related to tax payments together with any additional information will be sent to you by post (it is better to have a representative in the UK whose address you can provide to HMRC as  your correspondence address).

Red Square London Staff replied 1 year ago

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