CERTIFICATION A certification is required to independently witness and authenticate legal documents and transactions, in particular when they need to be submitted to authorities overseas. Certification confirms the authenticity of signed documents, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. The certification by a solicitor can also be needed to confirm the authenticity of copied documents, such as passports or utility bills. WHAT WE DO We offer a comprehensive range of notarial services, certifying a wide range of legal documents


WHAT WE DO If your documents need to be legalised or have an apostille certificate our notary will be able to liaise with the Foreign Office or the appropriate embassy or consulate on your behalf. Most of the documents that you’ll need notaries for are for use abroad, often by lawyers, courts and official registries. Quite often, they will need your documents to be not only notarised but also attested by the Foreign Office, by the embassy of the country where the documents


WHAT WE DO Our notarial services are usually required by those needing to complete transactions or dealings overseas. This means that some of the documents you need to have notarised might also need to be translated into the relevant language. You may also have documents that don’t require notarisation but nonetheless still require translation. TRANSLATING EXISTING DOCUMENTS We can translate ourselves or arrange for the translation of any existing documents you have in order to make them acceptable for any overseas jurisdictions where