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Brexit deal is on the table – could be worse

As widely reported in the media, a Brexit deal is on the table; or at least the first course – a lot of the detail still has to be worked out. The Prime Minister Theresa May and her colleagues have finally succeeded in coming to a basic agreement with the EU on this painful subject. As far as immigration goes, the agreement is more generous than previously indicated. As the Prime Minister puts it, Europeans have enriched “every part of our economy, our

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa – what’s it all about?

Quite well-known are the Tier 1 Investor visa, which enables a person to invest loads of money into the UK and stay here on that basis, and the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, which enables a person to invest not quite so much money into a business in the UK and run it. Perhaps not quite so well-known is the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa, which enables a would-be entrepreneur to come to the UK and “explore the ground”, with a view

Tier 1 Investors – time may be coming up for extension

Only a few hundred Tier 1 Investor visas are granted per year; not surprisingly perhaps bearing in mind that, as per the “new rules” from 6 November 2014, the minimum investment required is £2 million. The Chinese currently lead the field, the Russians are second and Hong Kongers come third. Sharp readers will immediately spot the fact that Hong Kong is no longer a British colony but is now part of the People’s Republic of China, so the citizens of the