Family Office

Administrative support and additional services to ensure successful and timely completion of your projects: marital contracts, powers of attorney, trust deeds, declarations and deed of gifts, translation services, certification and apostille of documents

Our Family Office deals with non-legal matters on behalf of our clients and their families. These services are often complementary to our Legal & Business Services. For example, once our Property department completes the purchase of a property, many of our clients wish to undertake interior design, renovation or alteration works, or to acquire furniture for their new homes. In addition to assisting the clients in finding the right firm to provide the service, our Family Office can review their terms of business, negotiate fees, and generally manage the process until the works are completed. Other typically offered Family Office services include aiding in dealing with banks, local authorities, HMRC, and insurance companies as well as finding school places for client’s children.

Our Family Office suite of services also covers liaising on behalf of our clients in start-ups and on-going business, banking and financial transactions and in dealing with HMRC and other government agencies.

Examples of our offered services in this regard include organization of pension payments in the UK, Italy and Denmark, obtaining National Insurance Number, preparation of documents and applications for state benefits (child benefit), organization and registration of changes in birth and marriage certificates, representing clients in embassies in matters of obtaining passports and in the process of obtaining information on criminal records. We also undertake representing the interests of clients in NARIC (National Recognition Information Center) in matters of validating Russian and European degrees against their equivalents in the UK jurisdiction.

Certification of documents

Certification of a document is a process of confirmation by a qualified person that a copy of a document is “complete and accurate” copy of the original document. The qualified person must have seen the original document, for comparison and confirmation. The person assures that he or she had an opportunity to review the original document, and confirm that the copy is an exact reflection of the original. The person if a lawyer (and in most cases, they are) must sign the document, specify details of the license allowing him to practice the law in the UK, add details of law firm for which he or she works and the date of the certification. If the client intends to use “the certified document” outside the UK, the document must have an apostille.

The Apostille

There are quite a handful of Apostille certificate and legalization services available to the average individual who is wondering where to get Apostille services and certificates that is hassle-free, affordable and efficient. The apostille is a certificate issued by the Office of Legalization of Documents (Legalization Office) confirming that the signature of a lawyer who has certified the document, is the authentic signature of the lawyer and that he or she has a valid and subsisting license/qualification for issuing assurance of documents in the UK.


If you need to

prepare power of attorneys, declarations or other documents for granting authorization’s outside UK;
certify copies of document, including copies of passports, marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates, wills, powers of attorneys and similar documents;
prepare and certify translations of foreign documents for use in the UK.
legalize documents in consulates, embassies or Ministry of foreign affairs (FCO)
notify necessary instances on change of a name, surname, marital status and other personal details;
notify Company House and tax administration agencies corporate and administrative changes connected with your business or company (name, share capital, shareholders, directors, the registration address);
prepare translation into English and to certify (see above “certification” and “attachment of an apostille”) documents for immigration purposes;

Our experienced lawyers and consultants in the Family Office & Notary Services Department should be glad to help you.
We can provide a same day translation and document preparation service (depending on volume) and express notarisation service at the FCO Legalisation Office. We also offer an ‘out of office’ service upon request (we will collect your document from your home or office, do all the work and deliver it back).
Our Family Office & Notary Department manager – Victoria Stepicheva. She has spent over 4 years working in a Notary Office and has broad experience in all matters relating to notary services.
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