Buying a new-build- what if you can’t complete your purchase?

The legal process involved in buying an apartment in a new development differs significantly  from the purchase of an existing property from an individual seller. It is often the case that, at the time of exchange of contracts, when your signed contract is sent to the seller and you receive the seller’s signed version,  construction of the building and your apartment is not finished. Completion of construction normally takes place at a later date and is confirmed by a certificate sent to your property agent and your solicitors, together with a notice

Brexit and Immigration

At last Brexit has happened. Some will breathe a sigh of relief and others will breathe a sigh of horror but at any rate it is done. But perhaps the sigh of horror will not be as strong as it might have been. So far the dread prospect of no deal Brexit has been avoided, and this has made things a bit easier for EEA nationals and their family members (of whatever nationality) than they would have been otherwise. Such people who

Ten-Year continuous lawful residence settlement route – excessive absences

Now and again we see cases in the media where an eminently deserving person gets their visa application refused and it kicks up a storm. (Actually, a lot of other eminently deserving people who do not get into the media also have their visa applications refused, but that is a different story.)   Ms Asiya Islam was a Cambridge PhD student who applied to the Home Office for settlement on the basis of ten years’ continuous lawful residence. As some readers will