Family Law

Our FAMILY LAW solicitors specialise in Divorce, Financial Relief Applications, Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements, Co-habitation arrangements and Separation Agreements. We fully understand that divorce and resolving matters relating to marital finances can be a very difficult and demanding time in a person’s life. We aim to take away the stresses and strains of these problems by both assisting our clients with a competent legal advice and supporting them emotionally. All of the members of our team are strong, efficient and hardworking and

Corporate Law

Corporate law and Loan & Finance Corporate law encompasses many different disciplines. Clients often refer to Corporate law as Company law or Contract law. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, if you are an entrepreneur, director or shareholder, you have to deal with corporate law issues on a regular basis. Start- ups If you just set up a new business, as a limited liability company, you will need to think about the following: Memorandum & Articles

Immigration appeal success rates

Recent statistics from the Ministry of Justice on immigration appeals are interesting but in some ways quite worrying. The overall number of immigration appeals is far lower than it used to be. There were nearly 150,000 appeals lodged in the year ending in March 2011 but for the year ending in March 2019 that number is now down to fewer than 50,000. Over the past few years various categories have lost the right of appeal to the First-Tier Immigration Tribunal if