Buying a residential property – whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, here is the Timeline for your purchase

Finding a property – Week 0 When you’re purchasing property, you’ll likely want to view multiple properties to make sure you find the perfect house or flat. If you do, take a look at our property search guide. In the UK, this process generally takes 8-12 weeks, at the end of which you’ll make an offer on a property. Making an offer – Week 8-12 Once you’ve made an offer on a property and it has been accepted, it’s time to sort out the

Tier 1 Entrepreneur – the rules are the rules

The Court of Appeal has made yet another unfavourable decision – unfavourable to applicants that is – about the points-based system, this time in connection with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur route. (This visa route is now closed to new entrants but still available for those applying for extension or settlement.) Mr Junied, a national of Pakistan, had applied in-country for leave as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur but the application had been refused by the Home Office. The reason for refusal was this.

Tier 1 Investor investment scheme fails

As many readers will know, the Tier 1 Investor visa enables “high net worth individuals” to invest large sums of money into the UK and acquire leave and potentially settlement on that basis. The rules about the investment – both the amount and the destination – have changed over the last few years. But it has always been the case that the funds that the investor has for investment must be “under his control” (legal drafting traditionally adopts the male gender