Ten-Year continuous lawful residence settlement route – excessive absences

Now and again we see cases in the media where an eminently deserving person gets their visa application refused and it kicks up a storm. (Actually, a lot of other eminently deserving people who do not get into the media also have their visa applications refused, but that is a different story.)   Ms Asiya Islam was a Cambridge PhD student who applied to the Home Office for settlement on the basis of ten years’ continuous lawful residence. As some readers will

Skilled Tier 2 chefs

When is a job “skilled” and when is it not? And more specifically when is a chef “skilled” and when are they not?   These interesting questions may come to mind for restaurant or hotel owners who cannot easily find sufficiently skilled chefs to cook their food. In some cases they would like to take advantage of the Tier 2 sponsorship scheme to sponsor chefs so that they can come to the UK and work for them. Chefs from outside the EEA

Unfairness in visa decision-making – students

It is not unknown for someone to come to the conclusion that a Home Office decision is unfair.   But if a decision seems harsh and pedantic but is technically correct it may not deemed to be unfair. Some areas of the immigration rules are notoriously complex and it is very easy for an applicant to slip up and make a minor error. In such a case the applicant might have met the spirit of the rules but not the letter