Conveyancing for home sellers

Conveyancing Solicitors

Our fast, communicative conveyancing solicitors will ensure your sale is completed as soon as possible.

RSL-LAW will carry out the legal work to sell your home, acting on your behalf to protect your interests.

We will draw up a sale contract and provide information about who owns the property and has the legal right to sell it. We will also respond to any other questions raised by the buyer’s solicitor.


There may be a chain of buyers and sellers, where each purchase is linked to a sale. These chains may be comprised of any number of buyers and sellers and having a number of people involved can often lead to delays.

Instructing a proactive solicitor, willing to chase all the parties involved to drive the transaction forward, is the key to a fast sale.


The following are the keys stages of the sales conveyancing process, once an offer has been accepted:

  1. Property Information Forms (Protocol) forms are sent to the client for completion.
    These are forms completed by the seller, explaining the condition and other information about the property including what items are to be included in the sale.
  2. The solicitor drafts an initial sale contract
    This is the initial paperwork and contracts issued to the purchaser’s solicitor to enable them to raise enquiries (questions) about the property being sold.
  3. Solicitor replies to enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor
    This is where the purchaser will ask questions about the property. For instance, if the property is leasehold, the seller's solicitor will ask who the managing agent is. How long is the lease? Are you leaving the curtains (Fixtures & Fittings)? Is there any buildings insurance?
  4. Terms are agreed and a date is set for completion
  5. Contracts are exchanged
    The seller and purchaser become contractually bound by the terms of the contract. This means they must either complete on the sale or forfeit their deposit (typically 5-10 percent of the sale price).
  6. Completion
    The day when the purchaser takes ownership of the property

RSL-LAW can help with your property sale

You can get an instant online conveyancing quote or call us on 020 7060 5333 to get your sale underway today.

No office hours – we work when you need us. RSL-LAW team are always ready to deal with any queries or answer any questions you might have about how your sale is progressing.